vga to hdmi full hd video converter

vga to hdmi full hd video converter

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vga to hdmi full hd video converter vga to hdmi full hd video converter
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One VGA+R/L input signal convert to TMDS signal which supports HDMI
Support video input : VGA analog
Support audio input : R/L analog
HDMI output : Support up to 1920x1200, same format as input

แปลง notebook  VGA ไปใช้ TV เป็น HDMI

I. Features:
1 way VGA analog video + analog audio signal input; standard HDMI digital signal output
2 supports VGA video input formats: VGA, XGA, SVGA, SXGA, UGA
(3) Support audio formats: analog stereo 2.1 (FL / FR)
4.HDMI output format: can support up 720P/60Hz (input and output formats synchronization, frequency synchronization)
5. Supports HDCP 1.2 version
6.LED power indicator LED lights work
7 times the line signal processing chip, there is some degree of compensation for the VGA signal, fold lines to HDMI
8 Simple installation, no need driver, plug and play
9 External DC5V power, low power consumption
10. Grade aluminum alloy shell, sky-blue appearance, beautiful Xuan Yan

Three application areas:
The PC computer as a platform to display, show to the big screen HDTV television (video conferencing) or display signage
Play VGA front-end conferencing systems and other large-screen HD TV to a TV or projector